The New Precision Medicine Hub

ChingHub is a global network accelerating precision medicine research and business


Global Network

ChingHub is a precision medicine ( 精准医学 Ching-mi yichué in Chinese) hub bringing together access to private funding, business partnerships, data and technologies.



We provide the right introduction to the right investor in China (Sinovation Ventures, Qiming...) the United States (A16Z, ARCH Ventures...), Europe (BPI France, HTGF...), Middle East (IBF, Mubadala...) and elsewhere in the world.

Business Development

We connect companies across continents and oceans. We make deals happen for clinical trials and commercialization phases. Precision medicine requires precision partnerships.


Data and Artificial Intelligence

We accelerate sharing of clinical and pre-clinical data, and deepen their analysis with relevant machine learning algorithms. Data is the currency of precision medicine.